Stars Duplicates

      They could be the profile shot of your favourite star or you may have seen them spoof the stars on TV ó these days duplicates are ubiquitous. From political rallies to promotional events in malls, from your television sets to hoardings.

Saif Ali Khan duplicate

  Yunus Khan (27)
  Clone for five years

  Work experience: MTV Fully Faltoo, Boogie Woogie and Pepsi ads as Saifís side profile. At Filmfare 2000 he did a dance with Saif.

  Qualification: SSC from Dahisarís Poornaparna High School

  What he says: When I was 21 people started saying I looked like him. I tried to duplicate him but he was a flop actor then. It was only after Dil Chahta Hai that his fortunes improved and so have mine. I feel both sad and happy about being his duplicate.

      Sad because if I had made my name I wouldnít have to clone him and happy that I get recognition by doing this. I keep trying to get acting work but people see us as lookalikes.

  Maximum resemblance: My voice is exactly like Saifís.

Govinda duplicate

  Domnic Gregory Martin (30)
  Clone for three years

  Work experience: Over 12 ads for ghutkha and lotteries. Three to four episodes of JBC on Aaj Tak and a film with Govinda called Hum Do Hamaare Ek. He has also campaigned with Govinda during the recent elections in Virar.

  Qualification: SSC at Holy Cross High School in Nirmal

  What he says: I started this three years ago and people would keep telling me that I resemble Govinda. Ever since he won the election I am getting more work. God has given me this face which resembles him so I am just utilizing it. I get lots of respect and adulation which makes me happy

  Maximum Resemblance: I can reproduce Govindaís laugh perfectly.

Amitabh Bachchan duplicate

  Feroz Khan (33)
  Clone for four years

  Work experience: I got my break in the Ek Do Teen serial on Star Plus. I have worked in four music videos including Adnan Samiís Lift Kara De and serials like MTV Fully Faltoo and up to 20 movies like Kabhi Kranti Kabhi Jung, Heeralal Pannalal and Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon.

  Qualification: SSC

  What he says: When I started speaking people started noticing that that I resembled Amitabh Bachchan. AB called me home once and he was stunned by my dialogue delivery.

  Maximum Resemblance: My favourite Amitabh Bachchan dialogues are from Deewaar. I imitate his dialogues best but I need to flare my nostrils and smile to look like him.

Anil Kapoor duplicate

  Saleem Naqvi (34)
  Clone for three years

  Work experience: MTV Fully Faltoo, Star Plusí Cincinati Bablabu and shows in Mumbai and films like Aag Aur Shola

Qualification: Schooling from Badayun, UP

  What he says: The first time I ever imitated Anil Kapoor was in a Thane show in which everyone forced on stage and asked me to imitate dialogues from Tezaab.

Maximum resemblance: I am not Anil Kapoor nor do I feel like I resemble him but people see me and keep saying I should exploit my looks.


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